Finding the Perfect Roommate

First, it may be best to dispel the notion that there is an ideal companion. After all, no one is perfect. Many people simply cannot afford, whether financially or otherwise, to live alone. In this regard, a roommate is usually a good option when seeking to split the rent. Often, you will have to find persons who you know very little about to play this crucial role. Just like every relationship, you will see that not all people are compatible. Before selecting a roommate, it is good to have a very open discussion about what it is that you both expect from each other.

Ask your potential roommate about particular habits. You will want to know if the person smokes or parties a lot. Similarly, you will want to find out if the individual will use the apartment frequently as a place to study. These are not deal breakers. However, you need to know what it is that you are getting into it before proceeding. If these habits are things that you are comfortable with, then you have no problem. If however, you are uncomfortable, then continue on your roommate search. No one is perfect, but ensure that your habits are compatible. If you like to party and your companion needs quiet time, then clearly you are both, not a good match.

You can ask for references to check if the individual is financially responsible. You can specify the types of references that you require, so the person doesn’t just get a letter from anywhere. If you find your name on the lease only, you do not want to be placed in a case where you have to cover the full rent if your roommate is irresponsible. Find out about sources of income. It doesn’t mean that you pray incessantly into the lives of the individual. At the very least, however, find out if they have a job and a sustainable means of financing their portion of the rent.

If your building allows pets, find out if your potential roommate plans on moving in with any. Again, pets are not a deal breaker unless it is that you have allergies or are simply uncomfortable with the idea of domestic animals. After all, they will poop! If you have a problem with pets, just say so.

When you are seeking to move into an apartment that is already occupied by someone, pay close attention to the details. Is the place clean? Is the sink filled with dirty dishes? Does the person appear to be a neat-freak? You can find out a lot about a person by scanning the apartment. Avoid the kind of people who you know you will have challenges in getting along with.

There will be additional things to consider with furnished apartments Huntsville AL has quite a few on the market. Find out how your potential roommate plans to deal with the sharing of furniture. You may have some items that you want to move in as well. Do your checks to make sure that the space is available for you both, so you avoid contention.