Should You Let Your Apartment Furnished or Unfurnished?

Welcome to one of the great debates in the real estate world. If you are wondering if you should furnish an apartment before seeking to rent it to others, you are not alone. Landlords have grappled with the question of whether it is better to let an apartment furnished or unfurnished. There are a few things to consider before you make your decision. There are also pros and cons regarding either choice. Additionally, no strict guidelines exist which state that apartments should be offered furnished or unfurnished. In order to find the perfect tenant however, a decision needs to be made.

As noted, there are some good positives to offering a furnished apartment. You may find for example that tenants are more willing to rent furnished apartments. Huntsville AL is one of many locations where furnished apartments will leave the market more quickly than unfurnished apartments. This is partly because the tenant does not have to concern themselves with purchasing furniture. For many tenants then, a furnished apartment is a better option for them and a better option for you if you want to rent your property in very short order.

At the same time however, you will find that tenants who rent unfurnished apartments tend to stay longer. If you prefer long term tenants, it may be better for you if your apartment is offered unfurnished. It is easier for tenants in furnished apartments to move. Without the hassle of moving furniture, these tenants will be more mobile, and are often unlikely to stay for long periods. The unfurnished apartment is usually at a lower rent than a furnished one. Attracting tenants may be easier as a result.

Consider as well the fact that some tenants will be more comfortable having their own furniture. Also, if you rent an apartment unfurnished, you do not have to concern yourself with insuring furniture and other items. When furnished, you have to expect that your furniture will undergo some wear and tear as tenants come and go. If you are not particularly concerned about this wear and tear, then unfurnished may be the better option.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your level of comfort, and your expectations of a tenant. Regarding furniture, there is no wrong or right way to let your property. Another option that you can consider is offering the apartment part-furnished. Though the term is used to mean different things by different persons, generally it suggests that some furniture is present. For example, the apartment could be rented with a bed, and possibly a desk in place. The landlord and tenant can negotiate the type, and amount of furniture that will be offered.

Of course, you are trusting someone with your property. Therefore, if you are uncomfortable with the possibility that your furniture is likely to become damaged, then rent your apartment unfurnished. If you want to rent your property quickly, then rent it furnished. The decision is really a personal one that you will have to make.