Things to Avoid When Painting Furniture

So you have that old table or chair that needs a little restoration towards regaining some of its past glory. Maybe you are in the business of renting furnished apartments Huntsville AL is a booming city that is attracting a number of new residents. Many of these residents will be college students attending the University of Alabama – Huntsville. It means that these college students, who possibly have been unable to get accommodation on campus, are unlikely to have furniture. As you move to upgrade your furniture for your new tenants, here are a few of the errors that you have to avoid if you are repainting.

Repainting may be a do-it-yourself task that you want to accomplish before renting to a new tenant. Before repainting your furnishings, make sure you sand it down. There are some paints and primers on the market that will suggest that you do not need to sand prior to painting. It is a good idea to sand for sure. The primer will better adhere to a rough surface. A bit of sanding will ensure this. Remove the entire residue after sanding.You musttake care though as you do not want to damage your furniture.

There may be some chips, or holes in your furniture that you may need to apply some wood filler too. Make sure that you get rid of the excess wood filler. Also, sand away the excess filler that may have gone on the part that was not damaged.

After sanding, and before painting, make sure that you prime the surface. Ensure that you wait until the primer is dry before you start to paint. Many people make this mistake. Priming will ensure that you have an even look when you are finished painting. Primer helps the paint to adhere to the wood. Once you are finished priming, sand the surface with fine-grit sandpaper. Again, make sure that you wipe away all residues with a tack cloth.

Now it is time to paint! Get a quality paintbrush. If your brush is of poor quality, then most likely your paint job will be of poor quality. You do not desire your finished product to be full of paint bristles. Also, you can consider using some wood conditioner on your furniture. The conditioner will also allow the paint to be applied a bit more evenly.

Make sure that you use even strokes, and that you pay attention to the edges and corners. Utilize a smalltool for some of the hard to reach areas. Allow the paint to dry, and then inspect your work to ensure that the paint is evenly applied, and all areas are covered. You would get that you need to apply a second coat of paint. Since you are renting, you want to protect your furniture, and allow your paint job to last as long as possible. Applying a lacquer will help in protecting against the little nicks that will inevitably occur. The coat will also give you a beautiful glossy finish on your furniture.